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Thread: 1st XI line up

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    1st XI line up

    As a member of FANHUB (any others on here?) I have to predict the starting 11 for each game.
    So far this has been fairly easy, give or take a couple 'missing' here or there. However, since our
    last league game, there have been further comings and goings and other 'developments'.
    For the next match, the options are plentiful so I don't know where to start when it gets to the
    forward line and midfield. What's more we haven't seen 3 (or 4 if you count Long!) of them play yet.
    I feel that those brought in are going to challenge Ainley and Finney to come good or be left out but I
    also feel that DA is unlikely to radically revamp the team/formation.
    So... what I've gone with is:

    Jaaskelainen; Ramsey, Thomas, Offord (or Daniels), Adebisi (or MacFadzean); Lowery, Murphy, Robertson; Knight, Mandron, Bennett (or Kashket).

    With this line up we can come somewhere near to the set up we had in the last couple of years. We would have two quick wingers plus Lowery who could set up Mandron. Alternatively we would have Kashket alongside Mika, which might mean MacFadzean rather than Adebisi.

    Just thoughts as we head (hopefully!) to the 'relaunch' of the season. I realise that this is all conjecture as we have no idea what DA is planning and how good the new intake actually are. However, just for a bit of fun, please offer your thoughts.

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    After watching DAs interview today, it's clear Lowery won't be playing unless he puts his foot down with his agent.
    So, for now, is it Ainley or Lundstram?

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    Ah well! I keep trying!

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    Ok, here we go ...

    The first thing is formation, mine is 3-4-2-1 (as per midweek) ...

    Thomas Daniels Offord
    Ramsey Gomes Murphy MacFadzean
    Knight Kashket

    Good job I'm not the manager !!!

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    gazan said:
    Today 06:12 PM
    Just give me a minute while I prop this horse up....lash!
    So we've 3 of the new players appear at Shrewsbury. Knight is injured as is Long and Gomes is awaiting paper work. Ainley played an essential game in the development team against QPR and Finney had a 5 minute cameo against the Shrews.
    Does anyone feel any clearer about what they think is the Alex's strongest starting 11?
    How much opportunity are Ainley and Finney going to get?
    Has Lowery now played his last game for Crewe?
    On another note, Dale hasn't played for Blackpool yet, so what are the chances that he'll be sent back with a "No, thank you!" note after Christmas?

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    I think the horse has disintegrated

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    Listening to DA I don't necessarily think that there is a best starting XI.

    We will be picking players and formations that will give us a better chance of winning each game.

    My guess is that we will stick with 3-4-3 and play the same starting XI as per Shrewsbury.

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