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Thread: Hey Gaz, you've got your new owner....

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    Hey Gaz, you've got your new owner....

    an Aussie builder by the name of Clem Bumumi who says he knows how to build things from scratch. Seems he is handy at pulling a pint and is being well received by the locals, hope to see you soon back in the Championship.

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    An Aussie taking over at Sweden Taarn ehh, whatever next lol. Lets hope hes got the clubs interest at heart Gaz instead of whats his name, Lee Power!.

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    Clem Morfuni is a god send compared to Lee Power.
    There's a good vibe around the Town with those that support the local team and not L'poo etc etc.
    He has built good relations with The Supporters Trust.
    he is pulling pints around different venues.
    If Carling did football club chairmen the Clem would be it.
    Breath of fresh air
    Good times
    The buzz saying is "We have our club back"
    It means a lot despite getting beat by the club that has a name that isn't a place (according to Stoke fans)
    Cheers for showing an interest and hopefully get back up to the higher ranks.
    Our ground is owned by Swindon Borough Council but the Trust and Clem hope for a joint venture in its; purchase.

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    Yes good for you Gaz and your long-suffering fans to get a decent Owner at last.

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