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Thread: WBA53 match thread

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    WBA53 match thread

    COYB ,if there's one team I like us to thrash it's derby. fill your boots Baggies.

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    Johnstone Furlong Bartley Ajayi Townsend Livermore Mowatt Reach Robinson Diangana Grant

    Substitutes Phillips Molumby Hugill Kipr Snodgrass Button Taylor

    ref Kevin our best Friend

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    Much better looking side tonight.

    Glad to see Reach in, hes got a quality left foot and hes a very good player at this level.

    Great to see Robinson back and Phillips on the bench.

    Waste of time starting Phillips, Id only use him from the bench these days!

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    Are we playing 4-3-3 or is Townsend or Reach playing in a back 3

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    An absolute dire first half. No good playing a long ball if you haven't got a proper centre forward to hassle the defenders. Surely it must get better in the second half.

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    Never been so bored in my life, is this what we have become, hoofball merchants, we are better than this, just pass the ball for gods sake, utter tripe relying on corners and free kicks

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    Well, I'm sorry but if this is the football that we are going to serve up this season, God help us. We only have one thought, hoof it upfield. How many times did we actually miskick the ball, far too many. I don't mind the pressing game but let's try and play the ball to one of our players now and again. A very poor performance so far.

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    But at least val shows passion on the touch line eh 🙄

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    The high press and excitement has gone, we are left with 70 yard hoof balls to nowhere, absolute dross

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    Not good to watch is it but lets give him few more games before we revert to the get rid posts yes.we knew how it was gonna be like surely.

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