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Thread: A little tale to lighten your day...

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    Talking A little tale to lighten your day...

    Yesterday I was giving the old MGTF a run to the golf driving range and on my way home I drew up next to a Bentley V8 2 door coupe at the traffic lights on the dual carriageway going into Bolton.

    It was a beast of a car, new plates, metallic grey with huge alloy wheels with the Bentley logo adorning this super car. I had to have a peek who was driving what must be a 200,000 car, but it had really dark smoked windows..

    I had the top down on my battered MGTF and nonchantly pressed the button to bring down the passenger window to have a proper gander. Simultaneously, the driver's window went down on the Bentley and I asked what turned out to be a Manchester United and current England international if he fancied a straight swap?

    He smiled and winked and replied with not an ounce of malice, "F**k Off". It made my day!

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    I reckon he knew you were kidding - Bt.....I mean, who in their right mind would swap a classic like this....

    .....for one of these gadget filled and boringly boorish monsters of mediocraty.

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    On reflection Norder, that's exactly what I thought...

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