One of my favourite seasons in the PL was when Leicester won the PL and most accept that the players over performed significantly for most of that season.
If you look at that squad with the ones in subsequent seasons then the sold well but also replaced very well and upgraded really well.

That is probably where we are at with some players in the squad where players performed in the EFL to a standard we never believed they could and some last season in the PL.

Possibly a Klich and less so Dallas just can’t sustain those levels of over performance?

Ayling to a degree and sadly Cooper also fall into that category.

Rodrigo made some incredibly intelligent runs and passes yesterday and took up clever positions that with more better players around him (to add to Rapha Phillips and James) would produce better results.

Maybe this is the transition season - think Forshaw’s contract is up this summer and some hard decisions with some of the stalwarts should follow too - no matter how much we like them.