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Thread: Away fans

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    Away fans

    So the two ar5e cheeks still refusing away fans? Surely it's time the SPFL stepped in and stopped this? It started with Sevco reducing allocation to nil for Sellik so Sellik have retaliated and in order to make it look fair they've done it for all SPFL clubs.

    Time the clubs told the beaks to grow a pair.

    And using Covid as a cover for this should never be acceptable as it's obvious that home fans are crammed in together.

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    The rest of the teams in the league could respond by banning OF fans at their grounds but we know this will never happen. As for the "beaks", they won't stand up against the OF no matter what they pull - look at the ongoing situation with the huns and the league sponsors. The quicker these two phuck of to the English Conference/National league the better.

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    You are right, they will never be banned from other teams away grounds but if they were their own fans world soon get pissed off too.

    The whole situation is nonsensical and the SPFL should be doing something about it (but we know they won't). I have a suggestion which works fine for me: allow them to continue with no away fans BUT they also must give all season ticket holders of the away clubs free passes to view the game live online.

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    Remember when Sevco fans boycotted Tannadice and the fans responded by buying more tickets than usual. I think if the club did a good PR exercise to increase home fans sales it would help reduce these ‘twas allocation.
    They should get the middle two sections of the Jerry Kerr. The part beside ET obviously kept clear due to covid.
    Make Tannadice OF bigoted free

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