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Thread: I wonder

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    I wonder

    How many clubs will try and sell us their troublesome or injury prone players at exhorbitant prices.

    We need a very experienced Sporting Director to see through the trickery.

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    Hopefully we don't sign Countinho who we're often linked with. His form at Barca and Bayern has been crap since he left Liverpool

    Would much rather we sign Ismaila Sarr or someone with a point to prove. Someone who will see us as a step up and who aren't looking for one last big pay day

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    I remember KK saying that players’ prices would increase when the selling club heard that the entertainers were after them.
    So, you make a good point and I think they will.
    This is one of the reasons I think that we won’t be seeing huge signings soon. As said on the other thread the way forward is to get the backroom sorted first and, initially, firm up the squad to at least avoid relegation. I think they will spend big from the start but I think it’ll be more behind the scenes (training facilities, etc) mainly before playing staff.

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    I do recall that when Citeh won the lottery they splashed out on a lot of ordinary homegrown players to get them through the first couple of seasons before they really splashed out.

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