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    Banging them in for his country at the moment, ( yes not great opposition I agree ).
    He looked very sharp for us before he got covid.
    Must surely be ahead of all other options for Friday whatever permutations Val chooses to deploy.

    I like the lad, always gives his all and head never drops or sulks when he is not in the team or haulled off.

    Bit of a poacher as well, quick to react in the box something we have been missing in recent years.
    I'm Looking forward to Friday all this International stuff is too much stop start for me.

    Love the championship real competitive league, every game all teams whoever they play have a genuine chance to win.

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    If he can transfer his international form to his club it will be great for us but watch a premier side come sniffing in January.

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    He won’t start Friday not after having to play against bloody Qatar on Tuesday 😞

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