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Thread: The strangest feeling

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    The strangest feeling

    Today, for the first time in at least ten years I went into a ****e direct shop. Quite surprised at the trainers but the rest was mostly garbage stacked high. Had anyone else been in and were you secretly laughing to yourself at the quality of the trash?

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    It's a load of crap and the way they jam it in so there's no room between the aisles makes the experience even worse

    I bought a pair of joggers from SD once and still feel guilty about'll probably be the last thing that goes through my mind on my deathbed....'nooooooo why did i do it?!?!?!?!'

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    Yes I remember the last time I was in there, some time ago now, it was claustrophobic in there, jammed to the rafters with cheap and nasty crap. Horrible store.

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