A fellow in his mid 40's decided to invest in suspended animation as he estimated that life was going to be good in the 2040's so he paid to go through with the process for a period of 20 years.

It cost him a fortune and he only had 30,000 left so the day before his big sleep he contacted his stockbroker and placed 10,000 in each of I.C.I., Ford, and Commercial Union.

Off he went and when he was revived 20 years later he couldn't wait to get out of the clinic and find a payphone to contact the stockbroker.

He eventually got through and after going through the identification and security process he asked about his shares.

He was told I.C.I. was worth 5Million, Ford 4Million, and Commercial Union 10Million. As he was almost unable to contain himself with excitement the operator butted in and said "Excuse me, sir, your time is up, if you want to continue would you please insert 500,000 in the slot"