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Thread: Updated Prediction league post Southampton

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    Updated Prediction league post Southampton

    Let's not dwell on today, we were useless and it looks like the journey south curse is back to haunt us. Not much movement on here either, next game out shortly. Time for a bounce back.

    Ozwhite 18
    Silentman 15
    Calverleyboy 15
    Sniffer 12
    Bathlad 11
    Tich1 10
    Belfast 9
    Orgoner 9
    Rev 9
    Spaldy 9
    OzLeeds 6
    Joel 5
    George K 5
    Orange 5
    Ubique 4
    Hopeless 3
    Dek LUFC 3
    Billy 4
    Costa 4
    Yeboah 2
    Whitestomper 1
    Hgate 1

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    My God we were absolute garbage today, worst I've witnessed for a very long time, it would have been poor by Championship standards. I know we have key players missing but if you are going to keep a lean squad, then when they are called on they've got to be a whole lot better than they showed today.

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