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Thread: Celtic - 24h on

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    Celtic - 24h on

    Nothing new here. Motherwell's poor record against Celtic was never threatened on Saturday. - LINK

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    Thatís nine straight defeats against Celtic and almost six years since we last recorded a win in this fixture. I canít remember us ever having a worse record against them, certainly during my time supporting the club.

    That was never in danger of changing yesterday as yet again we looked petrified of them from the get go, inspite of our reshuffle of tactics. Once they scored that was that and it was only a question of how many.

    I fully accept that there is a huge gulf between us and Celtic in terms of budget and player quality and as such they will win the vast majority of games against us. But our approach and mentality against them nowadays is all wrong and the club need to address this.

    I certainly donít see us beating them, or the other lot from Glasgow, any time soon if ever again. We just do not possess the bottle, the belief, the quality and the luck to get wins against either of them.

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    On the whole I do agree with a lot of what you say. However, as the Defendant's QC, I offer this in response:
    - until they scored we did 'very decent' and there were threats on either flank and in the middle. However, that should be a given as their rear-guard is truly abysmal.
    - when they got goal 1, we reverted to type in most areas of the park with players thinking (certainly from my seat), thinking 'achh well, it should only be 2 or 3'
    - had we gotten the pen we should've got circa 70 mins, could've been a different ending. But we didn't, and that then became an excuse in the post-match i'views.
    - hindsight; we didn't get gubbed !!

    From our outings the past 4 games I'm happy enough. Don't see us being anywhere near the relegation fight (and FFS), that's giving me plenty of comfort compared to what we were like in May.

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