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    Now saying that managers are being put off jobs because of the abuse from supporters ‘like Bruce has had’. What claptrap.
    In Bruce’s own words it was only a few keyboard warriors who he had a problem with and the supporters he met on the street were fine (even though that surprises me, he said it, unless of course he was lying).

    He’s just done a terrible job (look at the stats) and walked away with 8 million on top of his salary over these months that he’s done so badly and clearly given up on (taking holidays when there was much work to be done).
    Not happy with being paid a fortune for failure they now complain when they’re criticized for it.

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    Not just Arteta, other manager’s coming out to defend him, a lot of people who are somehow making a living as journalists saying he was doing a good job, comparing his record with Rafa etc. but ignoring the facts and circumstances behind those stories. In the case of the manager’s you have to assume they are getting behind ‘one of their own’ and in the case of the journalists, are writing wind up stories to provoke a response. I can’t believe anyone who’s defended him recently genuinely thinks he was a good manager and did a good job here, surely nobody is actually that stupid, surely?

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    If they think he was so good, When three manager jobs were open for, Everton, Spurs, Wolves earlier this season. How many of these people called out for Bruce to get any of these jobs? Non at all

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    If they had Bruce's stats, they'd be out of work.

    Arteta should STFU and pay attention to his own "fans", many of whom want shot of him and I'm sure aren't as complementary about him as he deludedly thinks.

    Everybody lining up to preach to us and I'm fed up with it.


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