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Thread: Match day programme.

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    Match day programme.

    As an avid WBA programme collector I am extremely disappointed at Swansea's decision not to produce a match day programme. My collection dates back to the 1953/54 season and I am only four away programmes missing, all of those from that season. I have contacted the club to express my opinions on the matter. In fairness, the lady I talked to on the telephone was extremely helpful and forwarded to me a copy of a type of mini programme produced for the game with West Brom. I don't know who these items are normally given to. I have also written to the commercial manager over my concerns. I understand that Swansea fans can obtain hard copies at the end of the season but have to pay a subscription for all the season's home games. This is obviously of no use to away fans who only wish to purchase a copy for the game against their club.

    For well over a hundred years a programme has been a part of the match day experience and I am sure that I am not the only one to be saddened by its demise. Swansea are not the only club to make this decision. It is my hope that both Swansea and these other clubs will reverse this decision.

    As an aside, I thought that you thoroughly deserved your victory over us on Wednesday night and that your second half performance was excellent.

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    It’s a very annoying and poorly thought out decision by those in power here that have no consideration for the fans. No one was consulted they just announced that they’d stopped it.
    The match day programme is part of the fans day out and our reference guide to the opposition and team news, as well as being a collectible item
    Possibly it’s a cost cutting exercise by our newly appointed chairman Julian Winter trying to make an impression on our thrifty American owners after our parachute payments stopped but if enough fans complain hopefully they’ll bring it back.
    I was impressed with your team and that you’ve kept your squad together. I’m sure you’ll be bouncing back up come the end of the season.
    When we were relegated the Yankee owners raped the club and sold at cut price or gave away 25 of our best players to cut the wage bill and they’ve reaped what they’ve sown as a consequence, as we languish in the Championship for our fourth season.
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    Programmes are overpriced by all clubs, maybe our fans had stopped buying them because of this.
    A digital programme is a poor substitute for a paper copy.

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