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Thread: at last - some sense

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    at last - some sense

    even if nobody else takes any notice

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    Quote Originally Posted by toonlegend View Post
    even if nobody else takes any notice
    i read this, this morning, when a national media journalist starts to say what we have all said for such a long time, it means there's something coming out soon that will go against the normal agenda.

    Im sure he works for the same paper as Craig Hope. Could be that Craig Hope has got some info to show how the cartel has been operating, Im 100% sure, a lot will come out in the next year about the greedy 6 and their involvement.

    The journo's are now playing the hand they have been dealt, stick with Masters and the PL or Twist with NUFC & MCFC and go down the legal route.

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    Aye, saw that-some very good points, not least the fact that there wasn't a peep about the Sheff Utd takeover-all because their new owners didn't have a plan to get into the top 4.

    Double standards, hypocrisy, cheating, bullying...all apparently fine when it comes to us.

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    The league has already shît themselves with the first CAT case under the previous owner, can’t imagine the new owners taking this blatant corruption lightly. They need to accept that the cartel is fücked and if they think otherwise it’ll get very messy for them.

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