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Thread: Motherwell leave Tannadice with nothing

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    Motherwell leave Tannadice with nothing

    Tony Watt's equalising penalty gave the travelling support some hope but Dundee United ran out 2-1 winners as Motherwell lost again. - LINK

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    Couldn't get to game today.

    How were we? a hat-trick of losses now ... don't augur well for Sevco's visit next weekend

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    If you believe the manager we produced some great stuff "the first half display was the best since I've been here". I beg to differ. We were shot shy again and helped the opponents with defensive errors.

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    Again, if you can’t defend and are punchless in attack then you won’t win many games.

    We need to ditch this ridiculous zonal marking as we don’t have the ability at the back to invite cross balls into the box. We also need to ditch the equally ridiculous short corners, something that we have always been awful at for as long as I’ve supported Motherwell.

    And finally I would be dropping O’Donnell and stripping him of the captaincy asap. He is nothing short of an imposter in our jersey and certainly not capable of being a leader on the park. I’d be giving the armband to Ojala, or even Watt.

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    We were, in the big picture, basically the same as against St Johnstone, Livi, Dundee, Aberdeen, Rangers, County and Hearts.

    We weren't as fluid in attack and positive v Hibs and we weren't as totally outplayed as v Celtic.

    We made conceded only a few chances, we made only a few chances. The difference between winning and losing we're suddenly throwing them into our net so the opposition scored two of the three chances they made and we're less clinical up front - so we scored 0/3 (but happened to get a random penalty).

    Essentially if you were happy with how we played in most of the games we were winning, you can't really complain that we play like that but 50-50s go against us, eh, roughly 50 percent of the time.

    That said, there's clear areas for improvement. Playing McGinley over Carroll is insane, as is playing Grimshaw in midfield. Kelly and SOD are in prime form to be dropped too but given the lack of alternatives they probably get a pass to try to find form. Watt is the only forward worth his place but we have who we have for the rest of the spots up there.

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