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    An ideal candidate for Sporting Director.

    He has already had a couple of telephone conversations with the new owners.
    He would like to be involved but not on the training pitch and is not interested in entertaining corporate guests.

    He knows football inside out,can pick a player and knows the North East and what Toon fans want.

    Any good Head Coach or manager would be lucky to have Keegans guidance.

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    Please make this happen. Whoever makes the final call please please please make this happen..

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    I love Keegan, and I'd love him to have a role somewhere but I really don't think Sporting Director is a good place.

    He's been out of the game for to long, we need someone who is current and has contacts etc.

    By all means bring Keegan in as a general positive force, give him a fancy title etc. But I really think Sporting Director is not hte place.

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    To be honest, they could do a lot worse. And can make some big mistakes in a lot of different ways without some genuine football people around them. Can't see Keegan going long term in any job TBH. But these guys can waste hundreds of millions with a handful of bad decisions.

    I'm not seeing Keegan as a messiah here; just a wise old head. Bear in mind as well that Newcastle needs at least one person near the top that understands Newcastle.

    Equally, I can see them getting rid of him if the performance, decisions, chemistry or results aren't there

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