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Thread: Deano to Norwich

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    Deano to Norwich

    So bizarrely Norwich want to hire the same manager to save them from relegation that we fired to save us from relegation. I guess only time will tell who was right. I hope Norwich were .. although not at our expense. How ironic would that be!?

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    Well it is Strange but i dont think Deano was there to save us from relegation rather he put us in that position, he was there to push for europe, he failed. You cannot spend 100 million every year just to beat the drop.
    Anyway, good luck to Deano, i fear he will go down but will come straight back up, the new yoyo club like our friends from Sandwell.....

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    I think they've bought him with next season in mind, not sure he's any better than Farke in that regard but perhaps there's a plan for the youth.

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