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    This is a dispassionate view of the Carlisle United football situation. Our status is on the most shoogly of pegs. I can see no reason whatsoever to suppose that Carlisle United will be a member of the EFL next season.

    It is beginning to look as though the current bottom 3 will be the end of season bottom 3. Last night Stevenage, in 21st position twice recovered from losing positions away from home, to get a point which puts them 5 points clear of us. If the opposition scores first our game is lost.

    Taking everything into account the CUFC financial position is grim and we can guess that Oldham and Sc­unthorpe may well do something financially reckless in January in order to achieve Leage Two safety. But we will rely on Millen, without financial support, doing better than Curle and Hill with financial support. When was the last time that a Carlisle United team was actually improved in January?

    Of the other 4 teams in the bottom 5 we have played home games against Sc­unthorpe, Oldham and Barrow getting a total of 3 points and not quite deserving that total. Clearly, the 3 away matches against these teams give them an advantage over us.

    I yearn for someone to give evidence that we are unlikely to be relegated.

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    If you are relegated, i did say if, thats evidence that you might escape, then what will happen to this board and predictocomp? Griff will be upset, as i will.

    To avert this disaster all you have to do is start winning football matches.

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    I’ll still keep it going. Every little helps.

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    I suspect that Barrow Hartlepool Oldham Stevenage and S****horpe will be challenging us to be in the bottom 2 come the end of season.

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