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Thread: BBC Radio Cumbria and Carlisle United

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    BBC Radio Cumbria and Carlisle United

    We need BBC Radio Cumbria to get an expert interrogator to do a 'live' interview (no subsequent editing) with the most significant Holdings shareholder / director and the most significant 1921 director.

    What do you suppose are the chances of that happening in the next couple of months?

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    I don’t think BBCRC has an experienced interrogator. I was exasperated last night when Millen introduced the word “personnel” into the conversation and that Scottish interviewer ended the interview instead of asking what he could do in the window and what he’d be looking for. I really don’t like this new bloke, BBCRC could have done much better.

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    The little I have heard from him I like the commentater who restricts himself to the football being played while leaving Chris to remark on technical issues. At tehe same time the treatment of JP is not acceptable.

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