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Thread: Sad news Frank Burrows

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    Sad news Frank Burrows

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulman101 View Post
    RIP fella.

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    Sad news

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    Someone once told me that when he and Meggo first came to the squad he was watching the first training session with the team.
    After the game he said to Meggo that he could only identify two decent players in the squad …. And that Meggo was one of them!

    He knew how to spot a decent player and if you remember we had many new recruits in during that transformed us from a relegation situation to the play offs and then promotion. .
    They picked up some great buys for us, Gera for one, clement, Gardsoe, Ballis, Mcinnes, Andy Johnson, Kumas, , Roberts , Mcinnes, etc etc Real value for money

    What a stark comparison to our recruitment these day. 36 Million on show last night alone in Grant and Diagana. Danny Dicho and Scott Dobie were miles better than those two and dont mention Hugill

    So sorry to see Frank go, he never got as much credit as he should.

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    RIP Flat cap Frank.

    You and God Megson took us back to where we belong after 16 horrible years.

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