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Thread: New club captain.

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    New club captain.

    Ryan Edwards. Deserves it, after initial doubts, he's been an absolute rock.

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    The initial doubts maybe lasted a couple of games for me. Excellent player and well done.

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    Superb news. An absolute rock who gives his all every single game. Well deserved! 🧡🖤

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    Agreed. Superb in a United shirt and my favourite current player. A threat at the other end as well as an absolute rock in defence. Love the guy, well done Ryan!

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    Great news. Hopefully here to stay for a while. Incredibly valuable player for us in both boxes.

    “I’m over the moon,”

    “I found out last night when the gaffer approached me about it.

    “I didn’t hesitate to jump at the chance.

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    Top decision.

    I wanna be Edwards!

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    Well deserved.

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    Actually forgot that Reynolds was club captain and maybe a sign of things to come in January.

    Delighted Edwards has taken on the Captaincy and hope he is so for years to come. Will Vice-captain change hands as well now, and have to say that Benji and Mulgrew must be candidates, although they must have been considered for captain as well.

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    Much as I like Edwards, I do feel sorry for Reynolds. Yes, he’s down the pecking order to the point where you can’t see him playing for the first team again unless in the case of extreme injury problems but he was an integral part of the side that first stabilised the Club, got us up and then even more importantly kept us up. He’s certainly on his way - we thought it would be August but if he now departs in the New Year (as is highly likely) then could this announcement not have been kept back until then? I mean it’s only a few weeks away after all. Big Ryan is captain material no question but we could have let Reynolds keep a little bit of dignity before he goes IMO.

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    It seems as if, quite reasonably, that TC wants a club captain that is playing and has a future at the club.

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