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Thread: Richard Masters on our takeover

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    Richard Masters on our takeover

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    That Dan Roan is a fucking arsehole, like.

    Never thought I'd be on Masters' side but I thought he handled that prick very well.

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    The Premier League never wanted the takeover, they couldn't stop it legally so they tried to stretch it out in the hope PIF would drop it and move on.

    They failed !

    Oh, and the BBC are scum media.

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    And now they are stretching out the ban on sponsorship.

    ****ing ****s.

    They are clearly hoping we'll get relegated so they can put rules in place whilst we're not in the league.

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    yeah - if we get relegated then promoted - technically the premier league have to approve owners of promoted clubs.

    now just suppose by then they have all those new morality/human rights sections to pass
    whats the betting they would decline ours

    just as theyve wanted to do for the past year or so

    dont forget we are only in this relegation position because of those scumbags at the premier league and that tight arse cashley refusing to protect his investment. if the takove had gone through as expected we would have been minimum mid table/top 10

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    Just ignore.

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