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Thread: Last nights game

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    Last nights game

    Watched the game on television and thought we did really well considering the start we had,cheers Kieran! Disappointed that some of our so called “ loyalist football supporters the world has ever had” were booing! Please somebody tell me I imagined it! Couldn’t believe it,embarassing, and uncalled for, I despair with some of our so called fans. Why don’t you stay at home or go watch another team,yer not wanted here! Oh and before I get jumped on, I gave up my season ticked of 40 yrs, 3 seasons ago,in protest at you know who. Joelinton rightly voted man o the match, what a transformation,and a gritty battling performance from the whole team.

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    Yeah, not sure what they were booing at - great effort by the remaining 10 after the stupid sending off, the officials weren’t particularly worse than the generally accepted level of incompetence in the EPL and no real pantomime villains in the opposing team. This 14 game winless run is directly attributed to the 14 years of cräp under Ashley and he never turned up in recent times anyway before his departure to be booed at.

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    Good point considering the circumstances, but why am I disapointed with it?

    We can't afford to have bad luck in these games.

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    there was a few boos at the end from back of Gallowgate, but wasn't sure if directed at team or the officials !

    flabbergasted the referee even gave us the penalty !! he gave us nowt else.

    anyway the boos were soon drowned out by applause for Eddie and the players.

    all in all - a few weeks ago we would have given up as soon as clark was sent off.

    yes only 1 or maybe 2 shots on target but there were also some very near misses.

    despite it Just being Norwich - we had to graft our socks off to stay in the game. those 10 did us proud. worldbeaters they might never be but you couldn't fault their determination. its a crying shame they didn't get a better reward for their endeavours

    the supporters noise was the best and most prolonged ive heard in a long time.

    and aye in some ways it felt like a defeat

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