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Thread: 3 years ago today.

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    3 years ago today.

    3 years since I wrote this on Facebook.
    Puts into context what a brilliant era we are currently In and how spoilt we’ve been.

    This season I have been to FA cup winners and double league champions in the 80s Everton, back to back European champions Forest, former premier league champions Blackburn, going to local derby at Hillsborough on Saturday and now going to current champions and one of the best teams in Europe in Man City.
    If you’re not enjoying being a miller under Warne and Stewart at NYS then it’s time to have a word with yourself.
    This era will be remembered for generations the way it’s going.

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    Puts things in perspective how far we have come

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    strange that neither Sky , BBC or ITV want to screen any of our matches live
    In the past we haven't been too great on TV (except Solihull 4-3) but now we're entertaining and score loads of goals

    Sky's next tranche of live games have been released and we're absent again. Unbelievable Jeff
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    We don’t always do well on TV so keep them away.

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