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Thread: Rest players against Man City & Liverpool?

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    Rest players against Man City & Liverpool?

    I'd completely right those 2 games off, give Gayle, Hayden, Murphy Longstaff etc. a run out for those matches, Focus on Leicester, Man Utd and Everton for points, besides if we lose ASM or Wilson through injury in the busy period we are fu(ked.

    What do you think?

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    I donít think you should ever start a league game without your best team. I think, however, that the timing and possibly content of the substitutions should be different if the game gets away from us. In other words we should go for a positive result but you have to think about preserving players if the game goes t*ts up early.

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    I'd say play your best team although part of me wants to see what Howe's coaching can do to Jeff Hendrick.......he'll probably have him playing like Messi !!

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    Play the best team. Our GD would get massively tonked if we do something like that and our survival could literally depend on GD.

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