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    Early days in his rebirth...but are we seeing a player there now?

    He'll never be the striker Bruce played him as (and we'll have to bear that in mind when he has to go up front to cover Wilson's inevitable forthcoming absences through either suspension or injury) but played further back and wider he definitely looks like he can offer something. He dosn't half put a shift in, too, and that goes a long way in my book. There are still some things he's not very good at and he can veer between sublime and ridiculous in the same move but he's like a different player from the one we saw under Bruce.

    He's the new Perchinio but with the added bonus that he's already Brazilian.

    Huge credit to Howe and his team and a massive indictment of Bruce (and his staff) and his methods/ability as a coach, etc.

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    Howe has definitely improved him. He can sometimes do really good things but then look clumsy and awkward but if he keeps working hard like he has been he could be important for us.

    He's never a 40 million player but i said on here not long ago we'll be lucky to get 2 million for him.....i'd say he's worth a lot more now

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    I think Howes told him to use his physical strength and stay on his feet at all costs.
    Almost looks a player at times now. Hope he keeps it up and Im rooting for him.

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    Yes, he looks like a battering ram, he should use his size when going forward. I see a better player mentally since Howe took over.

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    I suspect that he was probably made a scapegoat on the training pitches by Bruce, keep the likes of Shelvey etc. on side - the "lads" that Bruce rates and understands.

    Have a manager actually coach him and support him, like he got at Hoffenhiem. . .

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