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Thread: Wednesday's result

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    Wednesday's result

    Livi 1 Hibs 0. A bad night for the Hibbees, a penalty into row z and McGinn and Hanlon sent off.

    That keeps us 6 points ahead of them

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    They've still got a game in hand but seem in a really bad way.

    It's probably only the LC final/semi v Rangers keeping Ross in a job.

    BBC: There are chants of "you're getting sacked in the morning" directed towards Jack Ross. The chants are coming from the Hibs end.

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    ****ein on the Hibees as we go ...

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    Let's not get too carried away here - it's only a few weeks ago that most 'Well fans were very negative until we had a couple of decent results. It can go both ways, guys.

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    Reports this morning claim that Jack Ross has been sacked. Another one bites the dust!

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    Let's wish his successor all the worst.

    Alex Neill would seem likely.

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