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Thread: 'new' manager

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    'new' manager

    McSheffrey it is then. The new manager is the old one, with a more experienced 'mentor' expected to be appointed soon to provide him with support. Funny decision that. I'm just wondering how much support he can expect to get from the board in the January transfer window...

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    After 140 applicants, some of whom were well known "household names" with experience (according to the board), I find it surprising that McSheffrey was the best candidate - especially when it seems he needs a mentor to support him "for which recruitment will start straight away" according to today's announcement. It all seems rather strange, as he has been given the title of manager, not head coach. I can't help wondering whether that mentor would have been a better choice for manager.
    I wish him well, but I am not too optimistic for the rest of this season.

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    Oh dear, here we go again. I didn't want Wellens and I don't want McSheffrey either. Both were the worst options. The decisions demonstrated by this board concern me.

    We are 23rd in the League One and need at least 6 points more than everyone else at the bottom of the table to escape relegation. We are in need of something special for survival. If the season is cancelled for Covid, we are already relegated. We need to start winning, and fast.

    At the MTO meeting we were told that funds are available for a good manager and new players, so expectations were high.

    We need an experienced manager and some really good signings to get up the table. Instead we have an inexperience manager who needs training at a time we cannot afford to train a manager. If we can't get the manager right, I doubt we will get the players right either. Personally, I think they took him on as a yes-man who will do as he is told, and agree to the new signings the board have already planned. An experienced manager will have his own ideas and want to build his own team, which flies in the face of the new Director Of Football concept. Any new manager will have his hands partly tied, so not everyone will want the job. What if the DoF and manager disagree, who calls the shots?

    There are a couple of basic problems with Doncaster Rovers:-
    1) John Ryan and Dick Watson were football fans and Terry Bramhall a business man. The football fans have gone and we are left with the business man who just needs us to survive no matter what division we are in, or where we sit in league one.
    2) The board like the "nice football" concept and a nice manager that they can manipulate. Football clubs that do well are ruthless and play to win at all cost. Success brings its own rewards in attendances. I am not buying a season ticket just to see us lose playing nice football. Fans of other clubs know we lack ruthlessness at Doncaster. We pass and control the ball but don't know what to do with it.

    Right now we need to be ruthless and win games or we will go down. 7,000+ fans aren't going to turn up to see us play the likes of Barrow, Crawley, Salford and Stevenage. I am already expecting us to be in league two next season.

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