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    EFL2 forum list

    A bit late in the season I know, but I thought I’d put together a list of the busiest forums for each Club in EFL2. Only one of them (Forest Green) is run by the football club, and It’s my opinion that 20 of these are better than They are based on a number of platforms/software providers which are stable. Few are “one-offs” like the, or so it seems from my quick look. They are described in the list as “self-builds”.

    PhpBB Software - 5
    Invision Community - 3
    Proboards - 4
    Fans Network 2
    Self-builds (?) - 4
    Official - 1
    Sport Network - 1
    XenForo - 2
    SMF - 2

    I’ll attach the list as a sticky in due course

    Barrow - phpBB

    Bradford - XenForo Software

    Bristol Rovers - Proboards

    Carlisle - self build?

    Colchester - Fans Network

    Crawley - Proboards

    Exeter - XenForo

    Forest Green -Official

    Harrogate (very quiet) - Invision Community

    Hartlepool (unused - they now have a fans’ Facebook group) - phpBB

    Leyton Orient - phpBB

    Mansfield phpBB

    Newport - phpBB

    Northampton - SMF

    Oldham - Invision Community

    Port Vale - Invision Community

    Rochdale - Fans Network

    Salford - Proboards

    Sc­unthorpe - self build?

    Stevenage - self build?

    Sutton - Proboards

    Swindon - SMF

    Tranmere - Sport Network

    Walsall - self build?

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    Bloody hell,you really did find the Forest/Arsenal game boring didn't you 😮

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    Griff. Could you put that as a sticky to make it easier to research pre and post match comments.

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    I switched off 10 minutes into the second half. Started this then and finished it this morning. I’d be interested to hear what folks think of some of those boards. Bradford’s is dross. Harrogate’s is hardly used. Hartlepool’s needs to have the last rites read. Otherwise I’m generally impressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cayambe View Post
    Griff. Could you put that as a sticky to make it easier to research pre and post match comments.
    No sooner said……..

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    Quote Originally Posted by griff View Post
    No sooner said……..
    No Bury one 🤷*♂️🤣🤣

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