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    Alexander 2025

    The boss has signed a new deal to 2025. Not sure it's really needed just yet but on the numbers hard to say he's not earned it. LINK
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    A good bit of business

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwok View Post
    A good bit of business
    Signing players long term deals makes perfect sense our manager on similar
    long term deal .. gives players coming in a sense of security.

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    Good news. For the first time in many seasons I feel there is something being built to a longer term plan at FP rather than an annual scramble to pull things together.

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    And it protects us from clubs 'sniffing about' him and getting him on the cheap ... he ain't no Conte, but probably the best we could hope for - that's almost a snidey compliment.

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    My concern would be that at his previous clubs it's gone badly wrong between 18-24 months. He's done well but well enough in 12 months someone would pay money for him? Nah...I think we could have waited to see how the start of next season goes - at least assuming his original deal to 2024, it wasnt revealed at the time.

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