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Thread: According to the Telgraph.....

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    According to the Telgraph.....

    .... and quoted by Derbyshire Live, clubs who have had bids (dirt cheap ones at that according to Rooney) knocked back for players have had the audacity to complain to the EFL.....

    As Rooney said, if you walk into a Ferrari garage with 10 grand to spend, you'll get knocked back.

    I say, let the Jodrells keep it up, it will only serve to motivate the squad. Us against the rest. Bring it on.

    PS - Rowett is said to be one of the unhappy having had a bid for Sibs knocked back. Once a snake.....?

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    Vultures circling the carcass: but don't they realise that if they hang on long enough there is a chance that the whole squad would become free agents if the administrators fail

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