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Thread: Drag your heads up, folks

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    Drag your heads up, folks

    Well, that was a bag of pooh, wasnít it? Thereís no point in going over the obvious irreversible incident.

    Iím mightily disappointed, but I donít buy into this hysterical fervour and victim culture being lavished across social media.

    We lost due to a combination of the incompetence of the officials, a piss poor defence, and our forlorn attempts at finding a barn door to hit.

    All that said, I think we played them off the park.

    Our future sure looks a lot rosier than theirs.

    Onwards n Upwards

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    I heard VAR was checking if Ramsey had his Vaccine!!
    I just hope the guys feel the hurt and go for the Jugular on Saturday. We have Coutinho hopefully making his debut, a good thumping and 3 points will be the perfect tonic BUT we have to take our chances!

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    Another homer of a performance by the ref and the Manure fan @ Stockley Park aka The Warren Commission

    1.VAR scrutinise for an offside, no error there

    2.Look for something else to disallow Ings goal perhaps handball ? no luck there

    3.On closer examination, potentially spot an iffy blocking which Cavani instigated BINGO !

    4. VAR did a more forensic analysis into finding a reason to cancel that goal than the C I A did into the Kennedy assassination

    Strange how a forearm to the face, in the penalty area, that drew blood,isn't a foul.was that accidental, Shaw knew exactly where he wanted to put that arm, he even had a sneaky look to make sure he got Konsa in the face.

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    Mike Dean in charge of VAR Saturday.

    Referee: David Coote. Assistants: Gary Beswick, Nick Hopton. Fourth official: Chris Kavanagh. VAR: Mike Dean. Assistant VAR: Dan Robathan.

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    I'm fuming about that circus last night but in all truth we should have convincingly won that game - can't recall such a weak looking Utd side, still the same old story of giving the ball away and some poor decision making in possession.

    Watkins is a terrible finisher but great at pulling players out of position, should he come deeper and work with Buendia leaving Ings up top in a 4-3-2-1?

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