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Thread: Announcement from Oldham owner

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    Announcement from Oldham owner

    An update from the Owner, Abdallah Lemsagam.

    Since I purchased the club four years ago I have invested money and time trying to clean the club of all of its historic issues. There were very many. Although that work goes on behind the scenes, it is now almost complete with only the North Stand issue to resolve. I have invested in the litigation process and that may need a court to rule on it to get justice for the club and recover what rightfully belongs to it.

    On the playing side, things have not gone how I wanted in the last four years, to say the least. I made mistakes and I won’t make excuses - we are where we are.

    In the short term, I am now focused on improving the squad to fight the relegation battle we are now in.

    In the medium term, I can see that my ownership has caused unrest within the club and the fans. I want the best for the club and I think the best for the club is that it is now passed on to new owners. My team is speaking to certain credible bidders and I am happy to speak to others.

    I would ask that every section of the fan base gets behind the team, whatever you think about me it is in everyone's interests that our great club wins this battle.

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    How long until Mr Conway does the same !

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    I do not know the nuts and bolts of the Oldham problems but on the face of it the statement seems a pretty fair one from their owner .

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    No, I think as long as they can keep making financial profit from us, they won't be doing the honourable thing and leaving anytime soon.
    In fact they seem to have so little or no interest at all in us as a club, I doubt if they would ever care or admit to making bad mistakes and putting us in the position we're in.

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