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Thread: West ham

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    West ham

    Following the west ham v Norwich game, seems west ham have just carried on where they left off against us, diving and falling about, already had a few penalties waved away.

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    Saw some of that game.

    I know it's not his style but....

    I really wish that MB would have a pre game chat with the Ref. Just ask him to keep an eye on the diving and simulation.

    They really are the worst in the EPL and that's saying something. The refs don't call the dives and they just keep doing it.

    The other alternative is very appealing to me but understand that with our injury situation and the corruption in the FA it's not feasible. I'd let them know prior to the kick off the first diver will be seriously fu**ed up the next time there is a contested ball involving him.

    The diving is really an embarrassment and keeps the game from ever being taken as seriously as it should be in some parts of the world. we've all seen the player writhing on the ground in mortal agony after a dubious "foul" and a minute later running fully fit. A miraculous recovery. It's a joke to football purists but a huge turnoff to anyone not ate up with football.

    Cheating of the worst sort.

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    It’s embarrassing to watch these cheaters what have taken over the game, the sad and maddening part is how they…they have allowed it into the game, I don’t know one football fan who likes it….why does it go on? Let me guess???…ohhh maybe money.

    Trying to explain to most folk I know here is embarrassing also, mostly hockey-heads who see the game as a bunch of soft arses, I try to explain the cheating but I know what they see……a bunch of soft (cheating) arses.

    Games gone to hell.

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    Easy to clean up but the FA, PL, UEFA and FIFA not interested. I suspect the tv companies like it too as it creates a story line.

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