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Thread: Possible Buyer

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    Possible Buyer

    Sir James Ratliffe est fortune 17.5 Billion is looking to purchase a football club, so far he's looked at a couple of Prem clubs but has been put off by the amount of money to bring the stadia up scratch maybe he could be tempted by us.

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    You need to stop sniffing cello tape.

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    Remember reading once that we've got the (or one of) oldest supporter base in the country.

    There's a certain symmetry to a Monaco based tax dodger owning a club supported largely by coffin dodgers.

    Re established trends........ (The Jersey One).

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickd1961 View Post
    You need to stop sniffing cello tape.

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    Sir James Ratcliffe buying WBA would be brilliant for the Club; he is rumoured to be even richer than Roman Abramovich and has been subject of (unfounded) rumours about him buying Manchester United and more recently, Chelsea. We are not quite in that league, are we? He did go to Birmingham University, though, so I suppose there could be an outside chance that he may have a soft spot for The Baggies! He has a track record of putting big money into sport, he is the owner of the Ineos Grenadiers Pro Cycling Team, formerly Sky ProCycling.

    We can but hope but as we all know, it’s the hope that kills you!

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    Let me get this right this guy is richer than Roman Abramovic but too tight to buy a prem club, feck me perfect another fecking tight arse

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