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Thread: A win's a win...but

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    A win's a win...but

    We couldíve played better, but we didnít.
    We couldíve scored more goals, but we didnít.
    We couldíve passed to each other more, but we didnít.
    We couldíve been more composed, but we werenít.
    I could say that everything looks rosy, but it doesnít.

    Iím a little concerned about the amount of work that needs doing.

    We canít keep rebuilding every year, not with this recruitment team behind it all.

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    We're a typical mid table side ExV, inconsistent, unable to find a knack of winning football matches, capable in spells but often missing any cohesion & energy in our play. Get a proper DM and everything changes in my view, the midfield can be more progressive, creative and play on the frontfoot.

    We are missing a trick with Ings, he's a very clever player whose movement finds him space and brings others into it.

    How many have got better under Gerrard? I'd say Ramsey, Cash and arguably Mings, Konsa looks devoid of all confidence - before yesterday we hadn't scored in open play for 5 games, just Ollie's pen vs Wolves. It's all a bit disjointed don't you think?

    Gerrard will have his own philosophy and will want players that fit his system, clearly Coutinho is the main man in his eyes which is harsh on Buendia who I think has a fantastic attitude vs the likes of Bailey.

    Next season:


    That in my humble is how you get Buendia and Coutinho playing together, Chambers for me is good enough & so is Mings with the right personnel in front of them. So a DM and Striker are the 2 roles we need to focus on, I have a feeling Ollie will go as we would get good money for him whereas Ings has minimal sell on value and we have Archer to join the fray.

    For me it's the mentality/will to win that's a big factor so unless that is put right there will be a major rebuild.

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    All good points, well made, WCV.

    Now, how do we get SG to read VillaMad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by exiledvillan View Post
    all good points, well made, wcv.

    Now, how do we get sg to read villamad?
    Your last line made me laugh Exiled.

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    this may be heretical, but I preferred the way we played under Deano. The last five games have been dross.

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    Hardly surprising Mondaze, the players are Deanos’. Purchased to fit Deano’s system. Most of the squad have been coached into the system for a couple of years.

    Except of course Deano’s last 4 signings (summer 21), Ings, Buendia, Young, and Bailey. All of whom struggled pre-Gerrard.

    Whilst I agree that the “Scouse one’s” start has been a little underwhelming (the last 5 have indeed been dross), there are shoots of improvement. I see Digne (prems least dribbled past def) is an update at LB. Buendia’s recent cameos have been promising. Chambers has been solid, whilst Konsa wrestles with his form.

    All eyes on the Summer, mate. And next season’s disruptive 2 part schedule.

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    For the most part we were dross under Deano this season too, good in spells just like Gerrard.

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    Some really good points all made without the hysteria I see on SM.

    A question could be.Do we feel like weíre going to build something under SG?
    Is there a vibe? An air of optimism? I guess a lot depends on what happens over summer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ozfan View Post
    Some really good points all made without the hysteria I see on SM.

    A question could be. Do we feel like we’re going to build something under SG?
    Is there a vibe? An air of optimism? I guess a lot depends on what happens over summer.
    I think that the ‘vibe’ and summer ‘air of optimism’ is akin to my childhood excitement, hoping for a shiny new ‘casey’ football off Santa. Well aware it could end up being one of those featherlight, plackie jobs, that burst at the first whiff of a rose bush. Tis the hope that kills ya.

    Turning to the Summer, Oz. I see that our recruitment endeavours will be revealed to you and your fellow convicts first (Pre-season tour). Will you be able to get yourself a ticket or two? Full match reports and player appraisals will obviously be expected.

    I know, Australia is a ****in massive Island, and you probably live over a 4-day camel ride from the venues. But if you head off now, I'm sure you’ll make it

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    SG is unproven at this level so it's bit like Christmas really - you just don't know what you're gonna get!

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