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Thread: Anti-gravity

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    The Lockheed Martin TR3B is (or is thought to be) an aircraft which uses anti-gravity propulsion. There are few questions about it that are answered, its existence is not fully acknowledged, albeit the US Air Force almost certainly has several TR3Bs.

    It seems that the majority of respected physicists and people of associated peripheral skills are disdainful of the possibility of anti-gravity principles being able to be successfully implemented to any useful degree. There are some interesting very small scale and very brief examples that supposedly prove the viability of anti-gravity but credible physicists and people of associated peripheral skills have to date not been able to replicate these examples.

    What is your belief about anti-gravity? There are crackpots who believe that anti-gravity has been successfully deployed in secret aircraft after being reverse engineered from crashed alien craft.

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    Isn’t it just like when you put two magnets together, like poles and all that? Only moved on quite a bit so that you can use the magnetic force of a larger body like a planet to achieve movement.

    I am not a scientist though.

    Asking for a friend.

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    Quite, but to scale it up and control a craft is thus far seemingly formidably difficult and if it has been done it is not openly known.

    The fantasists on the internet have managed to connect it to Operation Paperclip. During WW2 German rocket scientists were way ahead of anyone else in terms of the fledgling rocket technology. After the war Operation Paperclip was an American initiative to offer the best German rocket scientists jobs working for the American government, the Russians got the second grade ones and the UK got the dunces. These offers were very welcome because some of these folk could possibly have been involved in post-war legal cases but part of the offer was that they would be spared such duties. Some folk think that these scientists were genuine Nazis but I supppose that during the war the only way that they could get government money was to join the National Socialist (Nazi) party. In the last 18 months of the war their V2 rockets carried bombs which could reach south east England.

    The above is true but the fantasists further connect it with a well known piece of rubbish, that in WW2 Germany had underground bases at the South Pole where they had the co-operation of aliens who had developed a sophisticated anti-gravity technology. So, alleged knowledge of this has been tagged onto these German rocket scientists that were brought to America.

    Verner Von Braun was the best of these rocket scientists and he was in charge of the rocket technology that got the Americans to the Moon. He retired a year after the first manned Moon landing. This timing seems to fit, those who were in their mid-thirties in 1945 would have been in their mid to late fifties in 1968. Von Braun was the boss at the beginning and presumably a little older than most.

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    The massive leap forward of technology during the second world war was beyond what humans could achieve in such a short space of time. To cut to the chase, aliens helped, they are up there. Laugh if you want.

    This world is like lost tribes in the amazon coming across the 21st century. As for anti gravity, there are too many craft or whatever defying gravity, there are loads of videos showing craft changing direction etc, showing they have pilots.

    The Apollo astronauts saw craft. This is not crackpot.

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