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Thread: Lifelong rover sadly passed away

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    Lifelong rover sadly passed away

    Hi. This is Lifelongrovers daughter. I just wanted to let you know my dad passed away last week unexpectedly. He would have wanted me to let you know as he loved posting his predictions on here.
    Kind Regards

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    Very sad, I'm really sorry to hear that...

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    So sorry to hear the sad news. I've only just spotted this post, so wasn't aware. He will be greatly missed on our predictions team. I know he took part long before I joined.
    Thank you for letting us know.

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    I have been doing these predictions for 8 years and I know Lifelong was there long before me. We are a very small group, and although we haven’t all ever met up, it is still very sad to lose a member of our "predictions family". Thank you for letting us know as we would keep calling for his next predictions wondering where he is. I am so sad for you and I know nothing can make it easier right now. Good luck and thanks for letting us know.

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