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Thread: Do you ever question your own prejudices

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    Jan 2011

    Do you ever question your own prejudices

    I was just thinking over the last decade and a half how rough our time at the Toon had been under Fatso, that is apart from the odd short periods, and then how the other extreme over the past few short months had created euphoria.

    But over the past five years, including the last six months, we have often had a bit of optimism.

    That led me to consider those poor souls down the road in Muckemland.

    Just think of the joy they must feel in winning the only and most important game they have played over the entire last five years.

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    Jun 2011
    Good question, Pat.

    The short answer is yes.

    I remember years ago when I used to call the mackems scum and one of my mates said he worked with a few who were ordinary football fans and didn't buy into he whole hatred thing and were anything but 'scum;. (i was going to end my post with 'so i told him to fuck of' but you've asked a serious question ao it deserves a serious answer.

    Then I remember reading a post on Clowns 'r' us where we were the 'scum' and I thought 'you bunch of twats', that doesn't describe any of the Newcastle fans i know'...and then i went 'oohhhhh....' and haven't used that term for them scince.

    Mind, that doesn't mean that some of them aren't, in fact. scum...like the ones who sang in support of paedo Johnson or especially the ones who did aeroplane celebrations after the plane crash, They are scum.

    I've got two good mates who are mackems and we stay away from the whole 'banter' thing but there's a tacit understanding that we really don't like each others' clubs,

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    I have never really seen them are our rivals.

    Local competition yes but rivals no. Man U and the team that I have always seen as our rivals. I guess that's down to KK & SBR for taking us to the heights of the league to compete with the league buys crooks of old Trafford.

    Ashley & Pardew resided over tue darkest time in our Derby history. They were the architects of our biggest humiliations to the Mackems. They enjoyed a successful brief history against us which I Level at the former owner as one of his biggest (of hundreds) disgraces.

    Personally I'd prefer Sunderland to be in the Prem as a Derby is a great day and historically 6 points a season in the bag for NUFC.

    Having Sunderland and Boro in the Prem would be mean more revenue for the region and less long away trips. So having local competition would be good in many ways.

    However regarding recruitment of local young talent dampens my appetite as I don't want to see quality youth from the North East to Ny other club but ours.

    Overall good for them getting promoted, but it's like hearing a Las you knew from school just eon 100,000 on the horses.

    Nice for him but zero f**ks in general.

    Hope that makes sense 😁

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    Never question your prejudice against them. By the law of averages there must be some decent ones but you rarely come across one.
    A friend brought one to a pub when I was with my mates in Edinburgh once. When he found out I supported the toon its all he talked about all night - Im not a violent person but I nearly belted the c*unt. Completely obsessed with NUFC and boring beyond measure.
    Ive seen on social media Toon supporters many times talking about it being good for NE football to have 2 or 3 strong clubs but never those tw*ts. Any talk like this gets thrown back in your face and if you think they would show any sympathy with our plight now if we were them, you are very wrong. Theyd have their foot on our throats and keep pressing.

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