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Thread: England v Sweden

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    Aug 2012

    England v Sweden

    Another great display by the women. In the first half Sweden were on top, but England had a never give in attitude and were always 100% competitive. Against the run of play we managed to score an excellent goal and held on to end of half.

    Must have been one heck of a team talk by the manager during the break, England came out for the second half and from the start completely blitzed Sweden ending with a 4-0 victory.

    For those who say I am never going to watch soppy women play football there can only be one answer. You don`t know what you are missing. Where Englands men team lack passion and are absolutely boring. Englands women are the complete opposite. They are passionate, competitive, and so exciting to watch.

    Their attitude to the game is one of respect. None of the childish behaviour you see every week in the Premiership. No mass arguing with the ref., and definitely no rolling on the ground in sham injury. In truth a lot to be admired. For me the final is a must.

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    Absolutely! Couldn't agree more. There's so much joy in the game. A completely different experience.
    9.7million watched on TV. Sunday should be a whole lot more. Don't miss it.

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