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Thread: ot - Not really football related

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    ot - Not really football related

    1) Footballers receiving abuse on Twitter.
    We all know itís not right - but if these perpetrators know that itís upsetting these little delicate flowers then they will continue to do it.
    These players must realise they are stepping into the public arena when they become professional footballers.
    Pay me £1 Million +++ per year and anyone can say whatever they want about me.

    2) Racialism in appointing football referees.
    Complaints complaints complaints.
    Instead of complaining - letís have some evidence and names and then the people doing this can rightly be kicked out of the game.
    Until then - the best person for the job gets the job.
    No quotaís.

    3) Female disc jockeys complaining that men look at them when they bend over.
    Looking up womens skirts is bang out of order - but women surely must realise that men are instinctively drawn to bare flesh.
    Thatís what men are like.
    Hence things like page 3 - which I donít agree with - but it ran for decades.

    At some point there has to be a reality check in how our news is presented.

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    High profile footballers or celebrities who frequent Twitter or Instagram need to give their heads a wobble .

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    "Hope it stays fine forrum " Jud ,,
    gerrum up manningham rooard !

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