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Thread: ⚽️ VM Fantasy League 2022/2023 ⚽️

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    Smile ⚽️ VM Fantasy League 2022/2023 ⚽️

    Hope our managers are fully rested and ready to face the gruelling season ahead.

    Friday 5th August 8pm sees Crystal Palace v Arsenal kicking off Gameweek 1 of the 2022/2023 VM Fantasy League.

    Remember team sheets in by 6.30pm.

    When I last looked we had 17 confirmed teams.

    Notably missing are Dazzy and David. So get it sorted guys or your will have to knock the door for Winnie to let you in. 😜

    Also missing AV and Staffs and we havenít heard a peep out of them for months which is quite disturbing for those of us who usually reside in the lower echelons of the league. 😱

    Our teams hoping to throw down the gauntlet and stop Sam getting a hat trick of titles. 🏆

    Our ever present teams.

    Kirkley Krusaders- Jesh

    Aston Lilla - HJ

    Harribos Fangtastics - Harry

    Injury Prone 2nd Xl - Yubby

    Aston Liam - Liam

    Mings & Ings & Tings - Sam

    Ozstan Villa - Oz

    Meet the new teams.

    TD Lions - TD
    Dave adding some bite to his team this season. Managers eagerly waiting to see if Dave has sorted the mystery of the Wildcard. 😜😝😛🤪

    McGinn Fizz - Nuc
    Great name for a cocktail. 🤪😜😛😝

    Detectorists - Iwuz. 😝😜😛🤪
    Hope the iPad picks up the spelling PDQ. 😛😝🤪😜

    Cubist Masterpiece - Picasso back in the managerial hot seat of a previous club. 😝😛🤪😜

    Yam Yam Villa - Has to be Gornal. 🤪👏😝😛

    Goals Allowed - Gavin
    So pleased Klopptoberfest has got the boot. 😜😝😛🤪 Great name by the way.

    Moseley Villans - BB
    Billesley Villans have been rebranded. 😜😝😛🤪

    Umbongo - Bongo.
    Is this a name of a drink Bongo? 🤪😛😝😜

    Warrioresses Win - Winnie.
    Winnie!!!! Another one the iPad needs to pick up PDQ. 😜😝😛🤪

    Brum Tings - Rosie.
    I keep humming that song. 🤪😛😝😜

    I notice Liverpool Jota, Laporte and Bissouma are crocked already. 😱

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    Ha ha I'm hoping to scare Bongo and Sam by emulating Sabrina Wiegman this season. Decided that the addition of "esses" to my team will add some much needed backbone to my Warriors! I'm even thinking of ordering them to wear Nike sports bras for a bit of added oomph.

    And Rosie, it's about time a woman won this league. You or me this season! Hopefully England's Lionesses will be our lucky mascot!
    Last edited by MissWinnie; 05-08-2022 at 01:23 AM.

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    Oh. And good luck everyone! Looking forward to seeing all your teams soon! Mine's still work in progress!

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    Thanks MissWinnie, I kinda like the Umbongo Name, I'm singing it which, is not good for my Lions....🤔

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    Umbongo Umbongo, they're gonna be the drongos!

    Good luck to everyone - unfortunately Winnie, I have been wearing a Nike sports bra for the last 2 seasons so your plan might not work 😂

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    You have a gender neutral name Sam.

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    iczv1i is the code for the villa mad league

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    Quote Originally Posted by samhubball View Post

    Good luck to everyone - unfortunately Winnie, I have been wearing a Nike sports bra for the last 2 seasons so your plan might not work ��

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    Quote Originally Posted by bongosdad View Post
    iczv1i is the code for the villa mad league
    Cheers Bongo!

    I still can't see Dazzy! He knows he can always charm me into letting him late though

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    ⚽️⚽️ Week 1 🇺🇦🇺🇦

    Welcome to our first VM Fantasy League update of the 2022/2023 season.

    It was very close but David and Lord of the Mings managed to squeeze through the door before it closed 👏👏👏 but alas no Dazzy. 😩😩😩


    It might be a new season with bright new Fantasy League shiney graphics but our managers are creatures of habit when picking their captains.

    Six captains given the armband but with 11 votes Salah was easily top managers pick.

    1. Salah 24 points - Winnie, Bongo, HJ, Rosie, Picasso, Gavin, Sam, Harry, Nuc, David and Iwuz.

    2. Darwin 18 points - Gornal, BB, Liam.

    3. DeBruyne 12 points - TD.

    4. Kane/Son 10 points - Oz and Yubby.

    6. Diaz 4 points - Jesh.


    First winner of the season is our VMFL legend BB💥and the Moseley Villans💥 who where in rampant form amassing a colossal 93💥points. 👏👏👏👏👏

    Runner up Gavin and Goals Allowed.

    TOP 6 💥

    1. Moseley Villans.

    2. Goals Allowed.

    3. Detectorists.

    4. Warrioresses Win, Harribos Fangtastics, Aston Lilla.

    BB 👑 proudly sitting top of the league.

    Our Scouser Gavin 2nd.

    Iwuz 3rd.

    Winnie, Harry and HJ joint 4th.

    My worst nightmare Winnie and Iwuz team names and the iPad hasnít predicted what Iím trying to spell. 😜😝😝🤪

    Whereís Bongo? A transfer frenzy could ensue with players literally flying in and out of Bongoís revolving office door. 😝

    Sam unusually not present either although I am sure this will be corrected swiftly for Gameweek 2. 😝


    Although nothing to worry about at this very early stage.

    16. Injury Prone 2nd Xl.

    17. Kirkley Krusaders.

    18 Ozstan Villa.


    Our first Drongo of the new season is Oz and Ozstan Villa with 33 uninspiring points, 😛😩

    No tokens played.

    Gameweek 2 - Saturday 13th August. Team sheets in by 11am.

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