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Thread: Sunak Diverting Funds From Poor to Rich Areas

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    Sunak Diverting Funds From Poor to Rich Areas

    True colours when Chancellor. What a slimy rich p rick! Along with the Non Dom who avoids taxation they must be one of the loathed couples around! Horrible guy!

    Anger after Sunak tells Tory members he worked to divert public funds from 'deprived urban areas' when chancellor
    Labour MPs have voiced their anger after a video of Tory leadership contender Rishi Sunak telling party members in Tunbridge Wells that he changed funding rules to divert money from "deprived urban areas" emerged.
    In the clip, which was obtained by The New Statesman magazine, the former chancellor is heard telling members that the Conservative Party inherited funding formulas from Labour that "shoved" funding into deprived areas.
    He went on to say that he "started the work of undoing that".
    "I managed to start changing the funding formulas to make sure that areas like this are getting the funding that they deserve," he said in the clip.

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    Does he really think that will encourage Tory members, even in Tunbridge Wells, to vote for him? I may be incorrect, but I don't think that it will. It certainly shouldn't, but who knows?

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    Neither Sunak or Truss are ever going to help those on lower incomes without similarly helping the more affluent and neither are they likely to start making companies like Amazon pay more appropriate taxes or force windfall taxes on those that make excessive profits. They are, regardless of where or how they were brought up, Conservatives.

    Certainly don't like Sunak but Truss doesn't convince me that her policies will help ease the current financial crisis and don't know still how she intends to fund her promised tax cuts. Her recent gaffe on her plans for regional pay awards for public services doesn't bode well either and demonstrates that she won't truly initiate levelling up. Comes across as too much of a Thatcher wannabe only without the nouse. Think she'd be out of her depth as PM (or as one wag said, she'd be out of her depth on a damp pavement!&#128512

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    Doesn’t fill you with much optimism, does it? Even gloomier when you consider that there is no opposition worthy of the name.

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    Any place North of Watford, only ever got the scraps whoever was in charge.

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