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Thread: Our support

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    Our support

    Another night of magnificent backing from the punters last night. From the displays through to the constant singing and THAT roar when Middleton hit the net - fantastic stuff and have no doubt it encouraged the team on to redouble their efforts.

    It’s incredible isn’t it? From the minute Callum Whitham scored at Dens, this was meant to be the end of our ‘era’ and Funny FC were going to become the ‘big’ team. However, despite them being given the golden chalice and us being subjected to Durnan, Zwick, Donaldson, the pub player from Barnet, PC Murdoch, Emil Lyng etc etc etc, we have come back up and through to the other side and currently it feels like as a support and a Club we’re in many ways bigger than we’ve ever been. Oh, and the Funny Wee Team are ‘Wee-er’ than they’ve ever been. Marvellous.

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    Seeing the march from the Snug last night and other videos in and around the ground I have to say I don't remember even in our great European heyday having backing like what we're seeing now.
    Our support is bigger and noisier than it's ever been. Brilliant to see.

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    Watched on-line and the Arabs were immense. Imagine if we could do this regularly in league games. It gave the team a real boost and made me feel proud to be an Arab.

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    I never knew about the march from the snug…..we were at the airlie arms end.

    Couple of good vlogs from last night



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    Having missed the prelude to last nights game, Ive just sat through the vlog and am about to watch the game all the way through which i didnt manage last night. For once, credit is due to the BBC, and i hope for more of the same next week!

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    Not sure how this has all come to be but the United support of 2022 are a very passionate bunch who i reckon turn everything Dundee United on its head.What i mean is although i always harp back to the glory days of the 80's i still remember the fans as being pretty hard to please and players like Bannon,Holt and others sometimes getting pelters.

    The current younger generation's of supporters have in the main had F ALL to shout about for years yet back the team to the hilt especially away.Even when not allowed to attend matches during the pandemic hundreds still went to Tannadice just to see the team busses leaving for the Sheep Massacre in the Scottish.

    I have moaned like phuck about the product on the park for the last couple of season's but still thousands travel away all over the country no matter how bad we have been.We will never have a fan base as large as the OF,Hearts,Hibs or Aberdeen but few could argue that we are competing on at least a par with the latter 3 with our away support and for atmosphere in the away end we give all 5 i mention a run for their money,FACT with a WASC.

    EDIT to add as for the teams who think they are on a par with us let this sink in,we are on course to take more fans over 800 miles to Amsterdam than DFC had at Dens in TWO Scottish Cup ties v Motherwell and The Rangers combined.This despite our opponents hammering Tuzla City 0-4 away and the bookies predicting a similar outcome at Tannadice.
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    Not a song starter myself but ill join in

    Surely this has got to be a new one for us given how big it is with the Scotland fans for McGinn:

    We've Got McGrath,
    Super Jamie McGrath,
    I just don't think you understand!
    He's Jack Ross man,
    He's better than Zidane,
    We've got Super Jamie McGrath

    Someone start it in Amsterdam for me please

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    Games like Thursday are the best chance of hooking new/young supporters. Think our season tickets were around 5,700 last I heard, maybe get a couple extra late ones on the back of Thursday. 6000 a realistic target for start of next season if we can maintain the positivity, and maybe get a couple of hundred half season tickets this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stokearab View Post
    Seeing the march from the Snug last night and other videos in and around the ground I have to say I don't remember even in our great European heyday having backing like what we're seeing now.
    Our support is bigger and noisier than it's ever been. Brilliant to see.
    I have to agree with this 100%. Our current fan base wants to play its part in the club more than ever.

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    Being of a certain age, going to away games in the seventies especially, was a scary day out (especially away to the OF). We would be lucky to have two coaches. Now, it amazes me to see how many Arabs attend away games. Changed days indeed. It has to be a huge boost for the players when they run onto the pitch and see the backing United fans are giving them. Long may it continue.

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