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Thread: Pyramids Bongo

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    Pyramids Bongo

    You start.....

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    Well firstly it's great to be able to post here. Is like the Sahara desert recently.

    The thing is about the Pyramids is no one knows. The sphinx is way older than they say because of the water erosion that would have happened over 12000 years ago. So we know that's bull****. So my guess is the Egyptians didn't build them and were there years before and probably the civilization was made extinct due to a flood or something like it says in the Bible.
    The history of the human race is being hidden from us for some reason? I don't have the answers but I know bull**** when I see a cow poo

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    Well, I agree with every word you said. I went inside the great Pytamud and it was amazing but at the same time it just confirmed what I thought, this room they call the Kings chamber is just a foom or a space! You cannot spend 20, 80 or even 200 hundred years building a monument that size and so accurate and not put a single Hyragliff in there! When I asked my Taxi driver who built the Pyramids, he said, "we don't know" a waiter at the Hotel in Cairo told me 'the Pyramids are not a burial chamber, they are power plants' the small granite box was placed in the Chamber to create A story. This story keeps millions of tourists captivated and spending millions to come and see it. I mean, the box is cemented down. I witnessed How big a succoficus is, in the Musium, the room is not big enough! ......there's much more!

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