630 TipperaryBaggie(X)


430 nilocrm

420 DaveP67 is back!(CH)

410 Kettering_baggie(X)

400 Bombers right foot


370 Prando (PL)
370 astle71

360 phild

350 boingy
350 calvinboy(X)

340 Albie blue
340 billsbest(X)

330 Stevil81(X)
330 On Balance


310 Dubbag(X)
310 Q165(X)

280 1060Albion
280 SwedishBaggie(X)
280 saltnshake (PL)
280 BaggieSingh(X)

270 soulman101(X)

250 Titchfieldbaggie(X)

180 Epsombaggie
180 Barrera(X)



What did I say about form is temporary......well Dave as shown just that. From Zero to PREM with a double max ensures 3rd place for now, that's the way to do it!! Prando drops into the CHPS. Steve, bill and calvary are looking to lose them crosses. With 7 X players still languishing in the HZ, remember you must be out of the HZ by 23/12 to get them shameful crosses removed.


Good to see Barrera back. All his previous points gained have been restored.


This losing run as to end sometime so maybe it will at Rotherham on Tuesday 12th December which is part of the MIDWEEK DOUBLE. The other game will be from the Scottish Championship (ooh that's different) Lots of points to get over the Christmas period - don't miss out!!