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Thread: Colin W@nker

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    Colin W@nker

    I thought itís about time our soon to be appointed interim manager has his own thread.

    Mr Warnock is 75, has been quoted as having a penchant for the hun, has no experience of Scottish football other than being at a game at the Timmery years ago and his nickname is w@nker. Anything Iíve missed? Other than that though I think heíll do ok for us.

    This appointment has got a lot of folk pishing their punts already before heís even been confirmed but Iím quite happy with it to be honest. Aye itís definitely got car crash potential but give me this over Stephen Robinson/John Hughes/Deek and Doc etc borefest.

    A lot of folk getting awfa upset about it, I can understand if weíd handed him a 2 year deal but itís 4 months work so just enjoy it and donít take it too seriously. He might do ok he might be a disaster but Iím fairly certain he wonít be boring and an interesting point made on radio tonight that we might have someone else for permanent manager but canít get them until summer.

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    If it was a case of we are having to wait until the summer to get a ďproper manager ďin then I could understand appointing another interim manager for 4 months but knowing Cormack and his fmb it probably isnít.

    A lot of talk about this consultants coming in to review the whole football structure of the club so I would fully expect Steven Gunn,Alan Burrows and the fmb to be punted at the end of the review.

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    Warnock appointment even as interim suggests they had no plan in place for the sacking of Robson. Another failure from Cormack, Gunn and Burrows. that if he comes in and we lose the next ten league games.??? We're stuck with him. Would have been just as well persevering with Robson. AT least his interviews with the media post match will be more coherent than Barry's.

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    One thing he is is a character .
    I think it might be really good for morale in the dressing room to have such a character in there ,in a sort of reset for the rest of the season.
    For all that ,he is a vastly experienced football man and I don't think will steer us wrong .
    A safe pair of hands to get us back up into the safety of the top 6 and time for the club to sort itself out behind the scenes and choose their targets for a permanent manager for next season

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    You just get the feeling it will either be a success or a shambles with no middle ground but as others have said this is a vastly experienced manager, I think he has the record for most league games managed in England?

    The guy is 75 so he’s been over the course many times before and the fact he’s willing to come up here and have a crack at our league at his stage in life says he’s obviously a very confident guy who just wants to continue being a football manager as long as he can be. Let’s be honest here, the guy won’t be short of a few quid so it’s not about that although it would be interesting to know how much Dave is paying him for this? I’d hazard a guess probably more than Robson was on for the whole season.

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    Good appointment for me - promises to be interesting if nothing else!

    Positive that we've moved quickly - my main concern with sacking Robson was we had no-one in place to take up the reins. The problem last season was the FMB dragged out the prawcess so long they were left with no choice but to appoint Barry and couldn't really have put him back in charge of the under 18s (on the basis he was a future manager) if they appointed someone else. I don't think that happens here - Warnock knows the game, he'll do his job and there are no hard feelings if he does well and doesn't get the job.

    He has is flaws - and I know his big mouth has run off a few worryingly pro H*n comments - but I cannot think of many things he'd enjoy more in his career that beating the unwashed at Hampden to win the Scottish Cup in May (and secure European Group football as a bonus - denying the Diets).

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    Whatever happens, he is here for a short while regardless of what happens.

    it will be interesting.

    Has has managed over 1000 games of English league football at all levels from Conference to Premiership.

    He is a manager who can come in and stabilize a club/team quite quickly, which is exactly what we need.

    As for his 'hun' background. He is first and foremost a Sheffield Utd supporter. The Rangers thing is the usual answer if you ask a guff what their favourite Scottish team is.

    Usually because they only know both the arse cheeks and maybe Partick Thistle at a push.

    I have a feeling he may change his mind when he sees the bias on display at ibrox this week.

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    Nothing official yet. Are we sure the auld codger doesn't just think he's been offered the job?

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    It is official now. Ronnie Jepson will be his assistant.

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