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Thread: Eddie Howe

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    Eddie Howe

    I Think he could get fired if our form doesnt get better. Our game at the moment reminds me Eddies last season with bournemouth. I like him very much but Arsenal game was very bad performance. I will be at St James Park watching wolves game so I can see if the people are turning on him if we lose. What do you guys think?

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    He has a lot of goodwill in the bank but next season is a big one for wor Eddie IMO.

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    He makes it to next season.. we have been dealt a bad hand this season, it all comes down to summer business and see where we are by xmas this year before any judgement made..

    One thing I know for sure, the Saudis won't mess about if we aren't in contention next season for top 6 next year

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    I both hope and expect that he'll still be with us at the start of next season.
    For me, sacking him this season would, in effect, be punishing him for over-achieving last season. There was no way that last season's squad should have finished in the top 4, and the knock-on effect was that we weren't ready for the pressure Champions league matches as well as Cup games Way too little depth.
    Then the injuries.......
    I'm pretty sure we won't see any knee-jerk reactions. I'll be very, very disappointed if we do. This has to be a long-term project because of the brakes on our expenditure.

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    Safe this season for me but will be sitting up and taking notice at Christmas if things are still the same. Summer business will be factored in too. It won't happen, he will turn it round with the support of the owners,

    I would say he has next season too. Possibly next Summer could be the end if nothing improves. What he has done up to now deserves loyalty from the fans.

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    We're still in the FA cup and still have a chance to finish in Europe.
    It was gonna be one hell of a hard job to emulate last season, especially with a champions league to negotiate on top of a very close call for another crack at the Carabao final.
    The injuries we've had have been off the scale.

    Eddie Howe should be afforded another season after this, with funds.
    The only thing that should force the hands of the owners would be if we totally collapsed.
    I can't see that happening.

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    No way.

    Look at that squad, not just the first team. He’s not had the opportunity to build in his own image yet!

    There’s still players there from our championship season ffs.

    What we’ve seen this season is a lack of strength in depth, no way should Miley have as many games under his belt, we’ve played without a fit striker most the season too.

    And anyone returning from injury has been rushed back out of necessity, it’s been 1 step forward, 2 steps back for us this season but it’s not the fault of Howe.

    We’ve been tied by FFP, hampered by injuries and played on the biggest stage in Europe with a small squad!

    For me, Eddie stays. Our guys will want to wrong the rights next season.

    Look at Chelsea and Liverpool, one twisted and one stuck. If you make a knee jerk reaction and get rid, it’s a whole new rebuilding project for a whole new coaching team, it’s another step back which we just can’t take right now.

    Let Eddie build, learn, develop and create a dynasty for Newcastle, Klopp has had his bad seasons for Liverpool and look at them.

    Chelsea might change their manager every season and a half, but they have 40 world class players for different managers to find their favourites, might be catching up with them now mind!

    Anyways… who else is there?

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    I don't see him being fired, neither do I want him to be.

    Bar the usual twitter trolls, I've not seen any other fans calling for his head.

    Think Guybrush has summed it up best and have little to add to that.

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    Intensity is our Identity.

    We haven't been able too play the way we did last season. With the summer window, all the deadwood off the books, 7+ players, freeing up around £400,000 / week in wages. Drafting in 4-5 first team players with the assistance of the SELA money & the incoming Adidas money (the club can borrow against it in advance) we can bring in 4-5 Bruno level £40m players.

    Next season is where Howe will earn his money. If we aren't competitive with the top of the table. Top 4 challengers all season, then by Christmas questions will need to be asked.

    Until then, IN HOWE WE TRUST!

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    If we get bundled out of the FA CUP against Blackburn, followed by losing at home to WOLVES - quite frankly, he may be sacked immediately.

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