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Thread: Might be worth a glance at how these finish toneet (Tuesday)

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    Might be worth a glance at how these finish toneet (Tuesday)


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    Itís not often Iíll be heard saying this these days but ďcome on WiganĒ. I think thatís our best chance of a result against teams around us. Hopefully Charlton put up a fight too but clearly something has gone terribly wrong for them this season so Iím expecting a Derby bounce back. Be happy if Iím wrong though.

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    Thaz also got to think that this is yet another game for these teams whilst we get some rest amongst the fixture pile up.

    Nathan Jones has taken over at Charlton who are in a real dog fight in the relegation area and they got an unexpected point against league leaders Pompey last Saturday. Wigan did Bolton 4 nowt at the reebok earlier in the season. It's the time of the season where we get unpredictable results. We'll see how it goes.

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    Confucius he say--

    A point in the table is worth three in the fixtures.

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    Derby lost

    Bolton losing

    So Barnsley winning

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    Glad to say I was wrong about Charlton!

    Hopefully Wigan can hold on now.

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    Well, well, well...Derby and Bolton both lost, tonight couldn't have gone better for us!
    Watched a bit of both games, both of them very poor!
    Auto's definitely on for us if we can capitalise now....come on!

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    Couldnt have gone any better tonight could it?

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    Lots of laughter.
    Watched in patches of both games with Bolton kicking off late.
    Both looked nothing special, in-fact Derbys Dads Army struggled in the second half against a young fit Charlton side.
    Come on reds continue turning it on and they may well hear the thundering hooves overtaking.
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    One cautious thought came into my head tonight, after seeing these results.
    When do we get to know the Punishment for breaking ownership rules. . .

    A sobering thought (and I havenít had a bevvy) amidst all the euphoria of possible AutoísÖÖ

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